Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is believed to be a developmental delay that can cause challenges for individuals. Some of these challenges that are commonly observed are social, communication, and behavioral deficits. This diagnosis is becoming more and more frequent and the Center for Disease Prevention and Control estimates that every 1 in 54 children are diagnosed. With this number being so high it is important that families know more about ways to help increase the quality of life for their loved ones. Many people who are autistic do not appear any different than any typical person. They may be proficient in some areas of their life that typical people are just average at. Autism is not always a deficit or delay in all aspects of life. That is why as caregivers we can assist in aiding in the areas that are not as strong. It is important to look at the different ways one can communicate, express, and learn.

One part of ASD that is often misunderstood is the “Spectrum” aspect. It can be observed that there are able to perform skills that are advanced but struggle with simple daily living skills. Also, one could be proficient in daily living skills but need help in communication or social skills. The spectrum is fluid. There is no 2 autistic people the same. That is why it is important that we respect each person has the right to express themselves and help where it is needed.

When families are looking into assisting their loved one they often investigate methods for treatment. That is where you will find different forms of intervention. There are medication, dietary, alternative medicine, and therapy services. It is important to research and refer to a physician when deciding which form of intervention would be best. For therapy-based services there are multiple types that target different areas of development. There is Speech, Occupation, Physical, and ABA (Behavioral) Therapy.

The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism is here for the families. We want to help find the best intervention plan for your loved ones. That is why with recommendation from a physician and therapist we work to create plans to help increase the skills of our students. We offer full time school for special needs in Miami as well as therapy services for Behavioral and Occupational. Our Behavioral Therapy team has recently expanded to an office in the Keys and are providing in-home sessions to families in Miami, Homestead, and the Keys. We are constantly updating our approaches to help provide the best care possible!