Local Autism School and Camp Serving Miami, FL Since 1999

The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism was founded  in 1999 by Carrie Brazer, a Florida Certified Special Education teacher with a Master’s Degree in Varying Exceptionalities.

She has made it her life’s mission to find alternative treatments to heal the autistic child while heightening community awareness through her fundraising efforts with national and community organizations in support of autism research and awareness.


Mission Statement

The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism seeks to build relationships and create a school climate for successful student learning. We endeavor to establish strong meaning and connection for students, families and staff in social and academic contexts by implementing principles of mutual respect and encouragement.

About Our School

The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism specializes in serving students diagnosed with classical Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other social and communicative disabilities, including Asperger’s Disorder, high functioning autism, and nonverbal learning disabilities. Our program consists of highly structured, consistent, cognitive and community based instruction based solely on the principles of positive reinforcement through the school and camp curriculum. Our center strives to meet each child’s educational and behavioral goals. Individual behavior and ABA therapy programs are designed to meet the specific educational, developmental and emotional needs of each child and family. We provide a 1:1 teacher/student ratio for those who need it as well. Based in Miami, FL, we are proud to serve children across Homestead, Cutler Bay, Kendall, and Key Largo, FL. We value the McKay Scholarships and Gardiner Scholarships and accept them as forms of payment. Contact us today to learn more about our autism school.
One of the most under utilized, yet effective treatment for autistic children is exercise! Several research studies have shown that vigorous or strenuous exercise is often associated with decreases in stereotypical behaviors, hyperactivity, aggression, self injury, and destructiveness. Free play on the playground and organized basketball and field games are also part of the after school program with emphasis on individual teaching, building gross motor skills, increasing time on task, focus and cooperation and following directions in a group. On Saturday mornings and our Camp Days on holidays and teacher workdays  throughout the school year we provide three hours of intensive, hands on, educational training, behavior modification and cognitive sensory based activities from 9am-12pm. The afternoon consists of community based instruction which includes activities designed to increase fine and gross motor skills, as well as language and muscular development. Our “Super Saturday” and our “Camp Day ” programs consists of wonderfully planned, fun filled field trips from 12pm-4pm such as horseback riding, ice skating, and bowling, swimming in the ocean, and much, much more!!! This much needed program gives children a head start for the school, as they make “Leaps & Bounds” on Saturdays building their confidence and self esteem while socializing, interacting, and just having fun!


The Carrie Brazer Center offers a unique camp program for children with autism and other developmental delays. The program, “Camping by the Sea,” is held at local aquatic venues such as the Matheson Hammocks Nature Center in Coral Gables or the Biscayne Nature Center on beautiful Crandon Beach in Key Biscayne. At our Autism summer camp, we use a specialized curriculum incorporates literacy skills, music and art therapy, physical fitness and an appreciation and understanding of Florida’s natural environment, for a science-based marine biology learning experience. Our program incorporates Crandon Beach Adventures and the Matheson Hammocks Nature Center’s environmental educational tours. The Carrie Brazer Center specializes in teaching children with autism in a structured and positive environment.
Based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, our highly trained and qualified staff work closely together collaborating their efforts. Our team includes special education teachers, and behavior technicians. We keep our teacher to student ratio small, enabling us to give each child the individual attention that he or she needs. Parents can also opt for 3:1 or 1:1 instruction for an additional fee. 
Our staff will work together to develop individual academic goals and behavioral goals and objectives for each child. Our behavioral and occupational therapy programs enrich the lives of autistic children by introducing a significant reading/literacy component based on nature, with hands-on demonstrations and explorations. These activities include, but are not limited to sensory enrichment in the aquarium touch and feel tanks, walking on nature hikes, and exploring the ocean.
Another unique asset of our program is our comprehensive physical education program in which children will be engaged in organized sports and games led by an adaptive physical education teacher.
We also provide daily opportunities for free play on the playground and beaches and swimming in beautiful Crandon Park Beach’s ocean or the man-made atoll pool, which is flushed naturally with the tidal action of nearby Biscayne Bay at Matheson Hammocks Park. Additionally, we participate in weekly community based outings to various places in the local area such as the Miami Seaquarium, Sailing with Shake-a-Leg of Miami, Super Wheels Skating Center, Miami Children’s Museum, Zoo Miami and much, much more.
Children will become familiar with their own community, as well as learn to transfer social and cognitive skills taught in the classroom to the environment in which they live.
Autistic children benefit from a constant routine. Our schedule is structured very carefully to meet the needs of our special children. Camp Days on Mondays and Wednesdays are held at water-based aquatic centers. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have activities at the center which include water slides and bounce houses, sports activities, arts & crafts, communication skills and social skills games. Our campers practice the skills they learn in the classroom setting such as counting, using money, reading street signs, using pictures to make requests and exhibiting appropriate behavior and generalize them in the community. 
We have certified ABA therapy specialists available to provide therapy for our campers throughout the day. “Camping by the Sea” is designed to ensure that each of our special children have the “Vacation of their Lives!”

Behavior Modification:

Behavior Modification is an integral part of healing the child with autism. The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism offers your child a special opportunity to receive 1:1 ABA therapy in a loving and nurturing environment.
Our staff incorporates the principles of Positive Discipline throughout each day as well as the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. The curriculum is highly individualized, hands on, and designed to address the specific needs of each client.
The school day integrates the behavioral and academic goals or each student in a 1:1 ratio in a classroom setting within a small group incorporating traditional classroom learning and socialization with 1:1 ABA therapy.
We will follow through with your child’s IEP and Behavioral Plan objectives from school throughout the school year so that each child can continue to make academic and social gains. Students will work closely with our RBT’s and Behavioral Assistants. We also have the option of therapy with a BCaBA or BCBA. Our services include full ABA therapy evaluations and academic assessments.
We accept many private insurance plans for Behavioral Health (ABA) Therapy. Our highly trained teachers and therapists provide intensive instruction using the methods of applied Behavior Analysis. Applied in a comprehensive, intensive and sustained way, we carefully plan learning opportunities for children and reinforce desired behaviors at a high rate. Each behavioral intervention is highly individualized and tailored to each child’s current levels of functioning and projected future.
Because parental involvement is a crucial component of effective behavioral changes, we provide opportunities for parents to learn and practice ABA interventions during therapy. Early behavioral intervention greatly improves language, social skills, play, self help and problematic behavior such as tantrums, stereotypic and ritualistic responding, withdrawal, self injury and aggression. Successful integration in regular schools is another positive effect that is well supported by data.

Music Therapy

Many studies have shown that music instruction can be beneficial to children and that music actually increases their intellectual and creative development. Through structured, goal oriented music therapy experiences, children often improve receptive and expressive language skills. They develop social skills, learn self help skills, and refine their sensory and motor skills. Non communicative children are often able to become actively engaged in music experiences and can practice building relationships with others through musical interactions. During music, children are engaged in activities that are designed to promote social and emotional learning. Music therapy groups are especially effective in providing practice of learning skills necessary for effective learning in typical classroom settings including following directions, making requests, turn taking, sharing and joint attention skills. Our program is especially designed to offer the widest possible range of sound and rhythmic experiences for children. Children are encouraged to sing along and play instruments, whistle, clap, stomp, chant and dance to favorite songs!
We also offer Music Therapy Groups! Your child can participate in fun and educational group sessions designed to practice building relationships with others during musical interactions. These groups provide practice of learning skills necessary for effective learning in typical classroom settings. These 45 minute sessions are held on Saturdays.

Horseback Riding & Swimming:

Horseback riding is a hands-on education program that uses the interactions and relationships between horses and humans in an environment of learning and self-discovery. It is designed to promote personal growth and the development of positive social/life skills in a fun and supportive environment. Through a curriculum of activities designed to address individual goals and needs, each equine interaction is framed to help participants learn and grow. The barn/farm environment naturally lends itself as a unique multi-sensory classroom. The students participate weekly at the barn learning how to groom, feed, bathe, saddle and tack the horses. Each student will ride once per week for 30 minutes. During the unmounted time they will be learning horsemanship, identifying parts of the horse, taking part in fun outdoor scavenger hunts, playing in the water to cool off and participating in great activities around horses to get comfortable and familiar with all the great attributes of horses. Our older students will perform jobs such as separating grain and hay, shoveling shavings for the stalls, and more. Our staff assists the instructors with our children in the pool.
The children learn to swim and enjoy some free time in the open water
awakening all of their senses. The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism offers swimming classes as part of our physical education program. Our students are given swimming lessons at the Dave and Mary Alper JCC in Kendall. Water safety is especially important for children with emotional, behavioral, and communication disorders. All children need to learn to swim. In the situation of a child who is less aware of his surrounding and challenged with communication, it is even more crucial. Swimming is beneficial to the physical and mental health of children on the autism spectrum.