About Our Elementary School

The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism specializes in serving children diagnosed with classical Autism Spectrum Disorders and other social and communicative disabilities, including Asperger’s Disorder, high functioning autism, and nonverbal learning disabilities. Our program consists of highly structured, consistent, cognitive and community based instruction based solely on the principles of positive reinforcement through the school and camp curriculum. The Center strives to meet each child’s educational and behavioral goals. Individual programs are designed to meet the specific educational, developmental and emotional needs of each child and family.
The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism’s education program provides a full day, twelve month program for students starting at the age of three. We have an early intervention class for young students aged 3-5, and elementary classes for students ages 6-12. These classes provide intensive 1:1 behavioral intervention services; pull out therapy and social skills group training.
The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism provides a wide range of learning opportunities that foster growth in all essential areas. This integrated educational and therapeutic program promotes communicative, behavioral, academic, motor, adaptive, independent living skills and social and emotional development.
About our Sunset Campus
Our new location is located on one and a half beautiful acres on Sunset Drive (SW 72nd Street), just off the Sunset exit of the Palmetto Exprerssway. Our students can enjoy a myriad of physical and sensory activities including a swings, basketball court, slides, bounce house, and a fantastic water spray area to cool off from the days activities.