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South Dade Campus
16905 SW 100th Av
Miami, Florida 33157

Tel: (305) 234-0490
Fax: (305) 234-0491

Sunset Campus
7530 Sunset Dr
Miami, Florida 331
Tel: (305) 271-8790
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Our Full Day Alternative School Program follows the Dade County Public School Calendar with some modification. Our unique, intensive Speech and Language based program centers completely around each child's individual goals both cognitively and behaviorally.
Children experience 7 hours of intensive, hands-on educational training, behavior modifciation and cognititve sensory based activities. As they make "Leaps and Bounds" building their confidence and self-esteem, they also learn to socialize and interact in small group settings. We provide a 1:1 teacher/student ratio for those students who need it. Our classrooms have small teacher to student ratios staffed by Special Education teachers with vast experience in integrating many various therapeutic programs for children with Autism and other developmental delays, and one highly trained teacher assistant per classroom.

Having small ratios each class enables us to provide individualized instruction and meet each child's individual goals. Children who require a smaller teacher-student ratio may opt for 3-7 hours of additional one to one therapy per day.
Our program is based on traditional Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) method, yet we integrate various practices and have adopted many approaches to teaching, which include:
  • The Pyramid Approach to learning, whereby reinforces play a key role in motivating the child to learn.
  • The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) to increase expressive communication for those who need it.
  • Dr. Ivar Lovaas' approach to teaching receptive and expressive language through discrete trials while tracking data.
  • Dr. Stanley Greenspan's well known "Floor-time Approach" to enhance play and interaction.
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Additionally, music therapy plays a key role in our program to promote and enhance expressive language through song, while teaching children to make requests, follow directions, share, take-turns, and increase joint attention skills.
Additionally, social skills training is taught through community-based instruction on our wonderfully stimulating weekly field-trips, such as: swimming, sailing, and horseback riding. These help children to become aware of the community in which they live while promoting generalization of each new skill learned.
SPACE IS LIMITED!!! Hurry and register for the 2018-19 school year!!
We accept McKay Scholarships. Gardiner (PLSA) Scholarships also available for students age 3 - 12.

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