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16905 SW 100th Ave.
Miami, Florida 33157

Tel: (305) 234-0490
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Sunset Campus
7530 Sunset Dr
Miami, Florida 331
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Behavior Modification
Cognitive Training & Educational Therapy
Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration

Occupational Therapy:

Occupational Therapy is devoted to help children function completely in their daily life. When problems arise that limit performance in daily life, we enhance proper development through treatment, in a fun, yet therapeutic way. We work on each child's individual deficits. We emphasize on teaching eye-hand coordination skills and developing fine and gross motor skills.
Children have a great time when they build texture structures and vehicles using interlocking blocks, primary color building blocks, wood blocks and legos! Other hands on manipulatives such as: puzzles, pegboards, attribute lacing buttons, tying & zipper boards, and plastic beads help children build the necessary eye-hand coordination skills, as well as build fine motor skills. Giant activity balls, and heavy duty vinyl kangaroo jumping balls are used to build large muscle strength and balance. Specially designed soft balls, putty and playdough, special texture balls and all sized utility balls are used for gripping, throwing, catching, kicking, and bouncing to enhance gross motor skills.
Hands on activities help children practice handwriting skills. Desk tapes and modified handwriting paper assist children with limited fine motor skills. Therapists use magnetic and tactile letters to teach writing. Letter groove manipulatives and modified pencil grips help the children acquire more controlled motor skills and help them form letters correctly. Tweezers & tongs are used to pick up dried beans, buttons, and cotton to strengthen fine motor muscles for multisensory fun in a kinesthetic way.

Sensory Integration:

Sensory integration also plays an integral part of each therapy session. It allows children to develop skills to appropriately interact with the world around them. In turn, sensory integration helps decrease social and emotional problems as well as distractibility.
When children have an over sensitivity to touch, movement, sights, or sounds; we help regulate the basic senses through a variety of activities such as: rolling in mats tightly, providing gentle joint compression to the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles by providing firm pressure, massage, and brushing.
We teach postural control & motor initiation through jumping on trampolines, moving through obstacle courses, hopping, skipping, and alternating movements; as well as bouncing on therapy balls, swinging and much, much more!!!
Children harldy realize it's a therapy session at all. So many fascinating tools are used for the children so they can grow and learn!! A full kinesthetic tactual approach is explored through stretch sand frogs, water animals, sand toys, textured sensory balls, silly noise colored silly putty, squeezers, sculpting clay, and animal jigglers!! Children will really enjoy awakening their senses!!!


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