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Behavior Modification
Cognitive Training & Educational Therapy
Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration

Music Therapy:

Countless studies have demonstrated that music therapy can be beneficial to children and that music actually increases their intellectual and creative development. Through structured, goal-oriented music therapy experiences, children often improve receptive and expressive language skills. They develop social skills, learn self-help skills, and refine their sensory and motor skills. Non-communicative children are often able to become actively engaged in music experiences and can practice building relationships with other through musical interactions.
During music therapy, children are engaged in activities that are designed to promote social and emotional learning. Music therapy groups are especially effective in providing practice of learning skills necessary for effective learning in typical classroom settings including:
  • following directions
  • making requests
  • turn-taking
  • sharing
  • joint attention skills.
Our program is especially designed to offer the widest possible range of sound & rhythm experiences for children. Children are encouraged to sing along and play rhythm instruments, whistle, clap, stomp, chant and hum along to favorite songs!

We also offer Music Therapy Groups!! Your child can participate in fun and educational group sessions designed to practice building relationships with others during musical interactions. These groups provide practice of learning the skills necessary for effective learning in typical classromm settings, which include: turn taking, sharing, making requests, and joint attention skills.

Speech Therapy:

Communication is vital; whether it is in the form of oral language, body language, or via use of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). In conjuction with music therapy, behavior modification, and cognitive training at The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism and Alternative Approaches, speech therapy focuses on increasing receptive and expressive language skills by using a variety of techniques to enable the special child to communicate within his or her environment.
It is our mission to assist each child in becoming as independent as possible, not relying on others to communicate his or her wants and needs to others. Children who acquire auditory processing and use of some type of language such as PECS are available to communicate functionally in daily living situations. Children are introduced to oral gross motor skills by practicing with a variety of whimsical toys. Blow darts, blow horns, candy bubbles, kazoos, harmonicas, pipe whistles, recorders, and siren whistles, are just a few of the tools that are used to assist children in enriching their sensory experiences.


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