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General Info:

The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism, and Alternative Approaches, Inc, was founded in 1999 by Carrie Brazer, a Florida Certified, Special Education teacher. Carrie began helping individual families of children with Autism thirteen years ago as an Applied Behavior Analysis Specialist and Trainer in her home and others. Her center now schools over 75 students weekly, who are afflicted with Autism and other developmental delays. Her program consists of highly structured, consistent, cognitive & community based instruction based solely on the principles of positive reinforcement. She strives to teach the family as well as the child each and every day.
She has also had extensive training in behavior modification and Applied Behavior Analysis. She also hold's a Master's Degree in Varying Exceptionalities from Florida International University.
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Carrie Brazer and participant explore new sensory experience
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Carrie continues traveling the country researching and presenting at seminars about the Biological treatments of Autism. She has made it her life's mission to find Alternative Treatments to heal the autistic child. She enjoys educating parents, teachers, and other professionals on how to work with and apply new techniques with the special needs child. She is also extremely active in fighting the crusade to finding a cure for Autism and heightening community awareness through her fundraising efforts with Autism Speaks.


Because Carrie Brazer believes in a "team-family-centered" approach to healing, the center will provide a vast amount of support for both the child and the family. Our in-staff, licensed occupational therapists, speech therapists and physical therapists will cater to the individual needs of the child. Our on-site licensed social workers will aid the family through psychotherapy and bi-weekly support meetings as well as parent training classes.
cbc4autism staff and participants interacting in new environments
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>> General Info
>> Philosophy
>> Mission
>> Purpose
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Carrie strives to meet each and every child's educational and behavioral goal. She will design an individual program to meet the specific educational, developmental, and emotional needs of each and every child and their family. She has extensive experience in applying a variety of techniques to aid each child diagnosed with Autism.
Professionals, pediatricians and neurologists within the community will also host monthly workshops for parents to learn all they can about the newest approaches to aid children with autism.

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